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Birthdays for kids (ages 1-12) October 14, 2008

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Birthdays rank right up there with Christmas!!!!….they wait ALL year for this big day!  And they make SURE you dont forget how many days it is til its THIER birthday!   This is the catagory to share all the fun ideas you have for your kids….from toddlers & up!


One Response to “Birthdays for kids (ages 1-12)”

  1. MommyB Says:

    We had a great Dora/Diego party planned. However it rained. But if the weather had been nice it would have went something like this:

    I made Dora bracelets for all of the girls (from modeling clay, stretchy string, and a little jewel,) and the boys all got Diego “spotting scopes” that I bought online.

    We left part of our backyard unmowed and DH mowed a fun, curvy path through the thick grass so we could have a Dora/Diego adventure. I bought butterfly nets $1 per net, and the kids were going to go to our tree, pick up coins, then go through the maze to a Dora pop up house and put the coins in the sombrero, then go through the house to a little Swiper and say “Swiper No Swiping,” to get by, then lastly we had a butterfly pull-string piñata.

    We had quesidillas and other mexican finger food and got two cakes, one with Dora and the other with Diego.

    For favors I made “The Map” out of felt, googley eyes, and puff paint. I made a small coloring book with Dora and Diego images and personalized them to thank everyone for coming to our party.

    Even though it rained we had a blast with it inside too.

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