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Coloring eggs…& jelly beans! October 14, 2008

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Easter egg hunts are a child’s favorite!  Especially if you live in a warm enough climate to search outdoors!  Seems we always still have snow on the ground at that time…so indoor hunts will have to do.  Coloring eggs is a must, but what else do you do?


2 Responses to “Coloring eggs…& jelly beans!”

  1. Brenda Scott Says:

    We always go to my Mom & Dads for Easter dinner. After the meal, and before dessert, we always play Easter Bingo!

    Mom always has a huge basket filled with those colored plastic eggs that come apart….which she has filled with little prizes. Some are slips of paper to be redeemed for what wouldnt fit in the egg, some have candy, some a dollar bill, or other small things. Whoever wins the BINGO round, gets to choose an egg!

    My kids are all nearly grown, but they all still LOVE Grandma’s Easter Bingo–and won’t hear of missing it!

  2. MommyB Says:

    This is the first year that our little one really got into the Easter Bunny part of Easter. The night before we painted eggs, everyone had one of their “own” eggs. The next morning, we had a great pancake breakfast (and discretely hid the eggs in the backyard), afterward we went on an egg hunt for the hard-boiled, rainbowy color eggs. We watched as the two kids (my sister and my daughter) ran around to search for them.

    We also have the traditional Easter baskets although we didn’t put much candy in DDs basket, more DVD/fruit snacks and whatnot.

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