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Santa..elves..reindeer..stockings…& pickles? October 14, 2008

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There should be a ton of tradtions for this catagory!  I cannot wait to read them all!  Oh, & the pickle… aunt always hid an ornament of a pickle in their tree!  Its a German tradition, and the first child to spy the hidden pickle not only would have a year of good luck…they’d also get an extra gift from St. Nick!


3 Responses to “Santa..elves..reindeer..stockings…& pickles?”

  1. Brenda Scott Says:

    When my kids were little it was a big thing to have everything ready for Santa to come–including food! So we’d have a snack for Santa, and also would find something for the reindeer.

    For some reason they were positive that the only suitable reindeer snack was potatoes! The next morning the kids would race out to see their stocking…and would check if Santa had had his snack…which of course Santa would have enjoyed every bite of the cookies ….but the reindeer’s snack was always just rather of gnawed on all over.

    Id explain that the reason they never ate the whole thing, of course, was that they couldn’t fly with full stomachs!! (and I could only chew on so much of a raw potato!) Never could convince them that reindeer liked anything tastier!


    1/2 c dry Oatmeal
    1/4 c sugar
    2 Tbls of decorative sugar–can use colored or clear crystal type that looks more glittery.

    Mix together and on Christmas Eve, have the kids sprinkle out on the lawn so the Reindeer can tell where to land…and can snack while Santa unloads gifts!

    p.s. Some recipes call for craft glitter…but please—dont use that!!
    Be kind to the little creatures outside this Christmas, & only use glitter if its the EDIBLE/safe for human kind!!!

  3. MommyB Says:

    We’ve always had the tradition that the “kids” open gifts from each other on Christmas Eve and the big presents from “Santa” get opened Christmas day. I guess it was that way because our mom always went a little overboard with gifts and we didn’t want to spend 7 hours unwrapping presents.

    We also always buy little one two ornaments for the tree, one fun one for the tree and one to save for when she gets her own tree.

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