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Share your favorite traditions that touch your heart…past & present, big or small!

Sweet summertime! October 14, 2008

Filed under: Summer — gatheringtraditions @ 1:31 am

Ok…there should be lots of ideas here!  What does your family do every summer?  Grilling, going to the beach.  this catagory may cross over with the family vacations one…but hoping there are ones for just summer out there!  Fresh corn on the cob is a MUST in our family!!  Its a very special meal!


One Response to “Sweet summertime!”

  1. MommyB Says:

    Ah summer, it’s beginning to become my favorite season. Now that DD is 2 we’re beginning our traditions. We love going to the neighborhood pool, as a family on Sundays before DH goes back to his work week. Rainbow colored Popsicles every day. I definitely want to make family trips with other close families a tradition, I never had that growing up. Ahhh summer.

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