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Thanksgiving October 14, 2008

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Oh my, the aroma of the Thanksgiving dinner cooking fills the air!  Absolutley nothing compares!  Eating way beyond what we are actually hungry for…there is still dessert!   Please share any tradition you grew up with, or new ones your family does now!


One Response to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Eula Says:

    On Thanksgiving morning we were always awakened by the smell of garlic and herbs from the turkey. Breakfast was also cooking by then, but the turkey was what we always smelled first. We ate a huge family breakfast while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade. Whether dinner was hosted at home or at a relatives, my mom always had to make a turkey.

    As we got older, we were able to help make side dishes. Now we each bring or prepare one in the kitchen while our kids watch the parade followed by movies and playing. We always dress and sit down to our formal Thanksgiving dinner at 3pm.

    Thanksgiving day is also the day we celebrate my father’s birthday. In addition to all the traditional desserts, we always have a huge birthday cake for him. We sing and cut the cake before the football game or during half time. After all the desserts have been served, we just sit around talking and enjoy being together. Someone always finds a recliner or comfortable cushion to drift off into a turkey-induced coma, but the party just continues around them

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