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Funny, I dont FEEL that old! (ages …whatever & up!) October 14, 2008

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Share some fun, unique ideas for ‘honoring’ that special birthday for those turning 30, or 40…or 50 & up!  Whether it was done unto you..or you ‘done’ it unto others! 🙂   (no adult-themed postings please)


How did they get to be teens? (ages 13-19)

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This is a fun age for birthdays too…and some important years in there too–at least to the kids!  Do you do something special for when they turn 13, or 16 or 18?


Birthdays for kids (ages 1-12)

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Birthdays rank right up there with Christmas!!!!….they wait ALL year for this big day!  And they make SURE you dont forget how many days it is til its THIER birthday!   This is the catagory to share all the fun ideas you have for your kids….from toddlers & up!