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I remember… October 11, 2008

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We all can fill in that blank with a warm memory of holidays or special occasions growing up.  Or even in just our daily family life!  Some traditions have been passed down from generation to generation….some are brand new ones that have a special meaning to your own family.

Traditions are tremendously important!  They are what link our hearts together when we are apart.  They strengthen families and friendships.  They are what family is all about! They are what anchors our hearts! They are vital in shaping our family heritage!

NEVER underestimate how important even a very small action is!! You will be amazed at what your kids will remember!! You are creating traditions without even realizing it– When planning the Christmas dinner one year, my oldest daughter was appalled that I’d not included Caramel Rice! I hadn’t really thought about it, but she said “Mom,we ALWAYS have Caramel Rice!”  It was a tradition to her!!

My hope with this blog is that we all can share from our hearts traditions we cherish, as well as browse and find new ones to incorporate into our families & friendships.  I hope the ideas you read here will touch your heart, and ultimately those you love.

When my siblings & I get together, or my own children….oh my –the stories begin to flow…..amongst lots & lots of laughter!!  You can feel the warmth in the room as they each pipe in with their own “I remember when…”

I blessed to be a Mom to 4 wonderful kids! I treasure the traditions that we use that I grew up with, as well as the ones that are uniquely ours.

Many many blessings to you & your loved ones!!